Finance Insight

This is a personal finance application. Initially, I had built it for my own personal use, but it was designed from the beginning to function as a multi-user platform; if I eventually become satisfied with user experience and security, I might open it up to general user registration. For now it's just my own private performance tracker and decision making tool.

Click here to view the app.

Meal planner

This application is a cookbook / meal planner / nutrition tracker / grocery list generator / health tracker in one. The idea is to minimize the cognitive load associated with cooking by automating everything but the act of preparing meals. By tracking health data, I hope to eventually automatically generate weekly meal plans in a way that is custom-tailored to the user and correlates most highly with health and wellbeing : healthy BMI, better sleep, and clear mindedness.

The yield curve

US Treasury bond yields are considered to be useful indicators for predicting recessions. This project collects data from the US Treasury and generates some charts relating to the yield curve, and forecasts the expected date of yield curve inversion (updating daily).